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Traveling abroad is exciting and fun! However, without the proper insurance it is dangerous and could result in disaster. US residents traveling abroad may be surprised to discover that traditional health insurance sometimes offers less-than-standard coverage or may even be rejected while abroad. For this reason, State Department advises international travelers to purchase short-term medical insurance while outside the US.

Below is our International Major Medical Health Insurance Plan by Petersen International Underwriters.  Contact us for more information.

Policy Benefits

The insurance being described is a temporary major medical insurance plan. Eligible expenses caused by an illness or injury and incurred from any doctor or any hospital within a specified geographic area will be reimbursed to you. Benefits may be assignable directly to the providers once a claim has been reviewed and completed.

Eligible Expenses

  • Hospital Expenses: All medically necessary expenses while hospitalized.
  • Physician Services: All medically necessary expenses for treatment.
  • Medical Evacuation: All medically necessary expenses for stabilization and transportation to the facility nearest your home, which can provide the appropriate care up to $250,000.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities: All medically necessary expenses if confinement begins following a medically necessary hospital confinement of 3 days or longer.
  • Home Health Care: All medically necessary expenses if hospitalization would have been required if Home Health Care was not provided and the care is provided in accordance with a written plan established, approved and followed by a physician.
  • Ambulance Services Expenses: To and from a hospital within 100 miles in the same geographic area.
  • Repatriation of Remains: In the event of death, Underwriters will reimburse the cost of delivery of your remains to a mortuary nearest your home up to $250,000.
  • Prescription Drugs: Outpatient prescription medications covered up to a maximum of $500.
  • Emergency Return Home: If, after you have departed, you learn of the death of an Immediate Family Member, or you learn of the substantial destruction of your home by fire, wind, flood, or earthquake, Underwriters shall reimburse you the cost of an economy one way air or ground transportation ticket for you to your home, up to a maximum of $5,000.
  • $25,000 Accidental Death: $50,000 if accidental death occurs while riding as a passenger of a common carrier.
  • Follow Me Home: Provides benefits for any injury or illness which occurs while in the USA. Benefits are limited to 7 days for every month of time outside the USA.
  • Lost Luggage: In the event that your checked on luggage is completely and totally lost, Underwriters shall reimburse you to a maximum of $500, excess of any and all other valid and collectible coverages
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  • Trip Cancellation Benefit: If within two weeks prior to your pre-paid ticketed or vouchered initial trip departure your entire trip must be cancelled due to:
    1. your death, illness or injury causing hospitalization or outpatient surgery, or
    2. the death of an Immediate Family member, or
    3. the substantial destruction of your home due to fire, wind, flood, or earthquake, any unused and nonrefundable portion of expenses shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of $2,500, excess of $100 each and every loss and excess of all other valid Insurances.
  • War & Terrorism Coverage: Underwriters will reimburse You for Eligible Expenses which are incurred as a result of Injuries or Illnesses sustained due to war/terrorism or act of war/terrorism. Injuries or Illnesses due to war/terrorism or act of war/terrorism involving the use or release of any nuclear weapon or device or chemical or biological agent, regardless of any contributory cause(s) are not covered with this benefit.

This plan is not compliant with the Affordable Care Act Available in all 50 states except MD, NY, and SD. This is not intended to be a complete outline of coverage. Actual wording may change without notice. Underwriters reserve the right to modify terms and benefits at time of underwriting

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